KWIK SEW - K4316 Pizza Shop Chair Cover & Accessories

Product Code: 0K43160

Children will have lots of interactive, imaginative, play with this chair cover Pizza Shop. Included is a felt pizza with toppings and pizza board. Register appliqué has pockets for money. Write your orders on sticky notes you put on the upper vinyl storage pocket. Cover is 37.5″ H (95cm) with adjustment lines to fit most chairs. FABRICS: 1A-5A, 8A: Cotton/Cotton Blends. 6A: Chalkboard Fabric. 7A: Clear Vinyl. Appliques, B: Felt. C: Corrugated Cardboard. Interfacing 1: Extra-firm Craft. Interfacing 2: Fusible. Note: Fabric requirement allows for nap, one-way design or shading. Extra fabric may be needed to match design or for shrinkage.

Brand: Kwik Sew