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For professional pressing of sleeves and narrow, hard to reach seams. Prevents seam edge imprint on cloth face.



Items like shirts and table linens must be pristine, DYLON Spray Starch makes it easy to achive great results. Simply spray onto fabric and iron. It contains silicone to sail through ironing in minimal time and with natural starch it restores a crisp, fresh look and improves resistance to dirt and wear for a perfect finish that lasts.


DYLON Spray Starch

Why spend more time ironing than you have to when DYLON Easy Iron takes the hard work out! Simply spray and iron. Its silicone content helps your iron glide over even the toughest creases for smooth, beautifully wrinkle free fabrics.


DYLON Easy Iron

For professional pressing of curved seams, shoulders, hips, and bust. Content: sawdust.


UNIQUE Pressing Ham

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Displaying 24 of 65 Products

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