SOAK Introduction Bundle (EN)

Product Code: 3073497

The SOAK Introduction Bundle (EN) is a great way to acquaint your customers to the magic of SOAK!   Set up SOAK in your store with a free promotional display and product information sheets to put in your customers hands. The Introduction bundle includes the phosphate-free and dye-free SOAK Wash in a variety of sizes in all six scents (Fig, Lacey, Pineapple Grove, Wild Mint, Yuzu, and Celebration) plus the fan-favourite unscented option! It also includes SOAK Flatter - an incredible (and starch-free) way to relax wrinkles and freshen up fabric! The SOAK Introduction Bundle (EN) includes: - 14 375ml bottles of SOAK Wash (12 scented bottles (2 bottles per scent) and 2 unscented bottles) - 18 248ml bottles of SOAK Flatter (12 scented bottles (2 bottles per scent) and 6 unscented bottles - 12 90ml bottles of SOAK Wash (2 bottle per scent) - 112 5ml packets of SOAK Wash in various scents (includes unscented) - 1 English Promotional in-store display tray - English Promotional material for customers to take away

Brand: Soak